Asian Breakfast Cereals with Dried Blueberries

Breakfast Cereals with blueberries are on the rise in Asia.


Thai consumers love the color blue! First with Ice creams and now cereals!
Here is a newly launched cereal from Kellogg's in Japan which touts 1/2 weight of the total is dried fruit! Half of the dried fruit is blueberry!
Notice the amount of detailed health information listed on the pack including charts, graphs and other information on digestion and gut health.
The cereal health trend has spread to China as well. Imported products such as Quaker are transitioning to local production. Dried blueberries and almonds are recognized healthy ingredients.
The cereal box is interesting reading with lots of detail on specific ingredients and dietary benefits.
Here is a new one called Crunchy Monkey! Lots of dried blueberries!