Back to the Future at Foodex

It seemed like yesterday that NABC team travelled to Japan (1989) on a cigarette smoke filled jet across the Pacific, landing moments after a major earthquake, misplacing our blueberry wine samples in the parking lot of the train station — and rebounding to start the stir that  drove US blueberries to market success in Japan!

This year, we relived the glory years, and no other than Jack Tomasello of Tomasello Winery in Hammonton New Jersey lugged his new Blueberry Cider 14 hrs on a plane to help promote USA blueberries!

It was old home week and blueberry customers old and new lined up to visit our USHBC team!

Although we have been around a long time, there is no shortage of enthusiasm for our blueberry promotions, and with new items like blueberry cider and a whole range of new blueberry ingredient solutions — we are ready to roll!

Taoyuan Monkey Mascot greets Visitors
Under Secretary Ted McKinney visits USHBC booth
Jersey friends compare notes.