Vietnam Fresh Blueberry Promotions

Welcome to our Fresh Blueberry promotion at Vinmart Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Note the “Beautiful Blueberry” imaging and posters decorating the store. Notice the spiffy “Blueberry Uniforms” worn by all — including the “Blueberry Guy!”


The concept is pretty simple. Attract attention of the shoppers and give them their first taste of real fresh blueberries!

Vietnam is a young country and our promotion drew the next generation of blueberry lovers.

Stay tuned for more excitement in the ongoing fresh blueberry promotion!



Vietnam Fresh Blueberry Launch

Here is the Vincomerce Flagship store at Times City, Vietnam. Yes — they build their own cities. USA Blueberries everywhere. Today, the USA Ambassador will visit and give a speech.


Beautiful blueberries is the theme.   Tomorrow, July 12 USHBC will start sampling at Vincommerce stores all over Vietnam.

Stay tuned!



Food Taipei – 2019

Food Taipei held June 18-22, 2o19 is the big event for the food industry in Taiwan, Republic of China.  It is also like old home week for the blueberry guy and a chance to meet old blueberry friends from over the years.

The “Two M’s” Melody and Mandy Chen.  They do a great job representing USHBC in Taiwan and Greater China.   Note their cool “Real Blueberry” uniforms thanks to Hana in Vietnam!   Team Blueberry Taiwan participates in regular seminars, promotions and events with the USDA-FAS office in Taipei.  In the last three years, the crew has conducted retail sampling programs for fresh and frozen blueberries to help keep the important retail sector moving.

As always, the USHB booth was the center of attention in the USA Pavillion.   Importers and users current and new came by to chat at the booth.

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) held a wonderful trade reception after the expo and look what was the showcase dessert!

Taiwan = 24 million population

4-year average value of US Blueberry imports according to US Customs.

Dried Blueberries  = $ $236,000

Fresh Blueberries =  $1,317,000

Frozen Blueberries = $976,000

Total: $2.59 million USD

Prospects for future:

Taiwan companies are important players in the Greater China food industry.  They operate all over China and companies like Ichido Bakeries in East China are blueberry trendsetters.

More an more companies are trying blueberry ingredient solutions such as powders, juice concentrates and purees in the dairy business.

Thank you Taiwan and see you next year at Food Taipei!





Vietnam Celebration

Lots to celebrate in Hanoi, Vietnam!

USA Independence Day a little early!

The 50th Anniversary of the USA Moon Landing

2nd Anniversary of Hana working for the USHBC in Vietnam

Upcoming arrival of fresh blueberries from the USA.

Our Hana and Van attended the big event and served Real Blueberry smoothies which were a big hit in the hot and humid summer!

Semper Fi!

Smoothie time!






India Bakery Exposition – Chennai

Bakery Expo was a big event this year for USHBC FoodTech activity in India.  This year, nine (9) importers and distributors attended and shared space at this annual event.  Bakers from throughout India visited the booth and of course ask: “Where can you buy USA blueberries.”  Well, step right up.

The booth was specially constructed to provide exposition space for suppliers along with a common area.

The whole sales cycle was completed and a the USA blueberry suppliers were very thankful for the opportunity to participate.

Above: here is the group of USA blueberry suppliers at the show.

Below: Meet the “Big Boss” from the Tamilnadu Bakers Association.

Below: Brisk Traffic at the USA Blueberry booth

Food and Hotel Myanmar

USHBC participated with the USDA-FAS team in Yangon Myanmar for the 2019 Food and Hotel Myanmar Exposition.  (Above Van Tran of USHBC Vietnam visits with bakery friends at the expo)

Two years ago, we accidently ran into a delegation of Myanmar food professionals at the Deli Dairy Bakery Expo in New Orleans.  They visited Mississippi blueberry farms came home and have been blueberry boosters since.

Van sampled dried blueberries at the event and it was a big hit.

Above: Thanks to the USDA Staff in Yangon!

Already connections have  been made for frozen and dried blueberries and fresh are in the market too!

We are looing forward to the big Food Industry Expo in the Fall!





The national Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is the “Superbowl” of our yearly food tech activities for the year!  This is where food product developers from all over the country and world convene for conferences and the annual Food Expo.  USHBC has a super booth in the middle of the action and for three days met with friends old and new and talked blueberry use in the food industry.

Also attending the show were packers and shippers of blueberry ingredients and we met, assisted and talked blueberries!

This year, we participated in the Food Export Association Midwest trade mission where sponsored companies attend and meet at appointments during the expo.  This year we met with companies from:

Cost Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Japan, Colombia, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, South Korea

This year, our FoodTech from Vietnam Hana attended and helped man the booth and attend meetings.  We received a team from Vincommerce in Vietnam and organized a visit to farms in Mississippi and subsequently in California, Oregon and Washington.

Interesting developments this year:

Ingredient solutions are hot.  Items like powders, extracts, purees and concentrates are appealing to the global food industry who need ingredients for high speed processing, extrusion and other processes.

Latin American companies are on the move and USA blueberries are of interest for dairy, baking and confectionery.  Even countries who produce blueberries are interested in US highbush blueberries.

See you in Chicago next year!






Vietnam to Mississippi

It’s a long ways from Hanoi, Vietnam to Lumberton Mississippi!   This crew of visitors from a major retail chain (Vincommerce) in Vietnam visited the Miss-Lou Cooperative on a nationwide tour of blueberry production and packing.  In anticipation of the upcoming fresh season, the group led by our own Hana (third from left) , stopped in Florida, Mississippi, California, Oregon and Washington State.  The group also stopped at the National Institute of Food Technologists annual meeting in New Orleans and checked out the dried, frozen and further processed blueberries.

Korean Pet Foods Get Real!

Here is a new blueberry-containing pet food from Korea.  Like in the USA–pets are becoming family members.  A new generation of Korean-made foods has hit the market and this one incudes “human grade” salmon, tomatoes, pumpkin and blueberry!

Greek Yogurt India

Namaste from Delhi!  Two years ago, our local FoodTech began talking up the success of blueberry Greek yogurts in North America to the Indian dairy industry!  Now it has become a category of its own and often with yummy blueberry flavors made in country with imported frozen blueberries from the USA!

Seoul Food & Hotel

What a great exposition in Seoul.   Korea has seen a rapid rise in imports of frozen blueberries in the past decade.  Now, we are working on new uses of all forms of blueberries including frozen, liquid dried and vert dry powders and flakes.

FoodTech Sunyong lee works on blueberry sauce formulations in advance of the Seoul Foods Exposition.

Preparation of samples for tasting.

Laboratory testing and analysis to answer the questions of the potential end users.

Preparation of formula and prototype documentation.

Off to the USA Blueberries both at the Seoul Food and Hotel at Ilsan.

The US Ambassador to the Republic of Korea visits the blueberry booth and is happy to see the blueberry bi-bim-bap sauce!




Seoul Foods Expo – 2019

Korea FoodTech Sunyong Lee presents unique Korean sauce concepts utilizing frozen Blueberries at the Seoul Foods Exposition in Ilsan May 21-24, 2019 A bit hit in the land of spicy foods!

Blueberry Honey Sauce.  Combines two ingredients for health as well as ginseng!

Blueberry Bi Bim Bap Sauce.  This popular one bowl dish includes rice (bap) and  veggies (bi bim).  No bi bim bap is complete without a savory sauce which is applied and mashed into the healthful mixture!  The savory Korean sauce with blueberries is a big hit here at the Seoul Foods and chefs are snapping up the recipe.

Blueberry Sesame.   Amazing how well the blueberry mellows out the traditional dipping sauce!

Blueberry Chutney. Although not Korean,  Indian foods are a trendy item.   Not too hot the way I like it, but Korean visitors like the combination of red hot chili and blueberry.





Korea New Blueberry Innovation

Lots of blueberry innovation in the and of the morning calm!

Blueberry jam on the Go!

Single-serving blueberry cheese cake.

Blueberry yogurt puff for baby!

Beautiful yogurt pack at E-MArt!

Real Blueberry Juice

Meal kit for making three blueberry pancakes!