Resources for Bakers  

Baking is a traditional category with a long history of blueberry use.  Mega bakeries continue to churn out traditional items like muffins, pies and specialty items.  Bakery ingredient companies produce filings to serve the small bakeries.   The traditional mom and pop retail bakers are holding on with challenges in finding trained bakers to take on the all-American tradition.   USHBC-FoodTech continues to partner with the entire baking industry.

Wholesale Bakeries - Where frozen blueberries were the norm--now they look for ingredient solutions to fit the advanced mechanization of the industry.  Besides frozen, we are promiting dried, liquid purees and concentrates to fit the bill.  2019 is the big event for wholesale bakers around the world: International Baking Industry Expositon in Las Vegas and USHB will be there! 

Retail and Supermarket Bakeries - The average age of the small bakery owner is over 65 years old and rising.  Bakeries are challenged to get skilled bakers to take the baton.   USHBC-FoodTech is working to bridge thes skills gap and docmenting blueberry formulas old and new.   Check out some of the recipes below.   We are also working with training institutions such as the American Institute of Baking to help train the next generation of bakers.

Artisan Bakeries.  A new generation of craft bakers is rising in North America with new ideas, new products and new enthusiasm for blueberries.