Boots on the Ground in Taiwan!

Mandy may not wear army boots, but she definitely is our “boots on the ground” in Taiwan. Being a local, she knows the trade, but companies and stores. When there is a opportunity for promotion with the Local USDA office– she is ready.

ROC! The Republic of China. What makes it so special.
>Taiwan is an American friendly country and a close friend.
>For the past decades, Taiwan was one of the first offshore markets to blossom. USHBC approached the island in in the 1990s and introduced fresh “Lan Mei!”
>Although small, Taiwan is an important trendsetter in “Greater China.” That is the countries in Asia where “overseas Chinese run the business. (Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia).
>Taiwan has developed into one of our top markets — first for fresh blueberries and now processed.

Taiwan is a great market and has toom to grow too! But, ask any shipper– they will tell you that it is tricky due to some very restrictive MRLs.

In the past four years, Mandy has received the panic call from blueberry customers who need help. All of us know you got to kep the stores stocked. Mandy has worked with importers and stores to get fresh and frozen promotions running quickly. See this winter promotion with smoothies for frozen blueberries!

Here is an example where Mandy arranged for a video by Doc Blueberry which was accessible on a QR code in supermarket chains. Consumers concerned about food safety got the straight scoop from Dr Wei Yang of Oregon State University.  Retailers loved it and started to stock up on blueberries!

Mandy keeps very busy. Each month she visits manufacturers, retailers, and conducts events including trade shows, seminars and events. She keeps close ties with the USDA-Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) and is the go-to person for any industry visitors to Taiwan.  Here she attends USDA reception with the Vice President of the ROC attending.