School Processing

Frozen and dried blueberries are purchased by the USDA for school lunch and humaintatian feeding programs. USHBC FoodTech works to promote blueberries to approved school food processors.  These food processing companies including bakeries, dairies, frozen food companies and others work with school districts to receive USDA Foods such as frozen blueberries -- process and deliver to schools. These companies can combine other USDA foods such as butter, flour and other commodities to produce economic finished products for major school districts. 

ACDA Conference.   USHBC FoodTech attends the business meeting of the association and participates in committee meetings which are attended by processors, school district purchsers and government organizations.  

School Nutrition Association (SNA).  This is the yearly meeting where school districts meet to discuss issues and and answers.   USHBC FoodTech attends and meets with processors attending the event.  We discuss blueberry inclusion in commodity processing and thank current users and seek out new!

Case Study: When USHBC FoodTech began work in the commodity processing arena -- the category was dominated by chicken nuggets and ground beef processing.  USDA Foods purchased frozen and dried blueberries in large cases.   Many school districts are not capable of handling raw materials and need finished products such as muffins, dessert cups an other convenient foods.  USHBC FoodTech began to meet with frozen food companies and discused the concept of including frozen and dried blueberries into finished products.  Little by little these connections warmed up to the frozen blueberry.  In 2018 frozen blueberries are now in fruit cups.  Bakeries are making blueberry muffins and snack companies fruit pops.  Progress has been slow and steady, and a main benefit of the USHBC FoodTech school processing initiative is --  presence!  USDA knows we are providing after the sale service to the USDA food customers!

New Berry Fruit Cup!
Meet USDA! Meet Processors New Berry Fruit Cup