Vietnam Plant Protection Division Site Visits

A part of the agreement that allows fresh blueberries from the USA into Vietnam, officials of the Vietnam Plant Protection Division visit packing plants and farms at the end of the season to see that the protocols are followed.  The group visited the week of September 11-14, 2019.  


Four Days, 456 miles, and five site visits! TJP worked with USDA-APHIS and the Oregon Blueberry Commission, and Oregon Department of Agriculture on the recent Vietnam Site Visits by the Bureau of Plant Protection PPD from Vietnam. Thanks to the Oregon Packers who opened their farms and factories for the three day visit. The visiting officials were most impressed with all of the facilities and the commitment made to the Vietnam market protocols. They are especially proud to see the work pay off with shipments of fresh USA blueberries reaching all over Vietnam!

Here are some action photos:

Very important opening meeting with Judy Macias and Director General of PPD discussing the upcoming site visits.  Note Diep, the super translator and former MSU Spartan making things go smooth!

Visits to packing plants

In the field. Still some tasty berries!

Ellie Norris wows the visitors with the Vietnam Record Books! Great work by all!

04:00 am September 14 and the crew loads up the van to head to PDX for return light to Hanoi!
Mission Accomplished!