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Technical Information Source

We have worked with blueberries for more than 25 years and hold a vast resource of technical information for current and new users of blueberries. Download our new technical brochure. Check out our online resources and if you are stumped, give us a call and we are on it!
Technical Information Source

The FoodTech Program

Raise Awareness
Stimulate Interest
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The FoodTech Program promotes highbush blueberries in all forms for the global food industry.
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World New Blueberry Containing Products

Discoveries in the agricultural practice of blueberry over the years have increased the world's interest on this great fruit, capable to provide a huge diversity of benefits to health of humans and even animals. Blueberry availability has also increased since it is being cultivated on different regions of the world.
World New Blueberry Containing Products 2018 - Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD)
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In the Field Action!

Each year we attend food industry expositions around the country and the world. This includes national and international Food Technology meetings as well as suppliers meetings regionally. We have more than 25 activities scheduled in the field this year, so let us connect!

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Driving Blueberry Innovation

When we started in 1988 blueberry products were few and limited to a small number of traditional categories. Now, check out the innovative new products and you will see blueberries in just about every corner of the supermarket. This includes emerging categories such as nutraceuticals, pet foods, natural cosmetics and others. Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve, drive blueberries into the "next big thing!" Blueberry FoodTech monitors new products and publishes a quarterly report on new products from around the world.

Check out the latest, and we can help provide product ideas, concepts and samples if you ask.
New Blueberry Products

Real Blueberries Inside!

Each year, more than 800 new blueberry products are developed in the USA and many more overseas. Blueberry FoodTech aims to identify and reward the optimal users of Real Blueberries with our Real Blueberries Seal. Qualifying is simple.

Fill our form and check out the criteria.

Send a photo of your product with ingredient statement and we will take it away from there. Already 50 products have qualified and the list grows daily!
Qualifying is simple!

Tom's Favorite Products

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Blueberry Ingredients Solution

One of the most versatile fruits ever!


Natural dye

Natural dye

Blueberries can be used as a natural dye for dyeing fabrics. Formerly, the first American settlers boiled the blueberry with milk to create the gray color.

Around the world

Around the world

About 4,000 new products containing blueberries are launched every year around the world.

Blueberry in combat

Blueberry in combat

During World War II, blueberry doses were added to the food of Royal Air Force pilots to improve and clear their vision during the fighting.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Today you can find blueberry wine, blueberry beer, blueberry honey, blueberry coffee, blueberry mustard, sausage with blueberry, blueberry flavored popcorn, and more.