More AFFI Action!

More AFFI Action!

Each year the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) is a focal point for the frozen blueberry trade.   Here is an action shot of our chairman Parm Bains holing court in the USHBC booth.   Throughout the meetings, we met informally with buyers, sellers and users of frozen blueberries.

Note the  100 year anniversary focus and all of the USHBC swag which was quickly picked scooped up by visitors.

Blueberries 7 days a Week!

Blueberries 7 days a Week!

Koreans love frozen blueberries!  Now Retail Chain Lotte Mart launched a unique way for consumers to enjoy frozen blueberries 7-days a week!   In Korea, frozen blueberries are sold inside of the fresh produce section.   We salute Lotte Mart and importer Hojaejun and plan to award our Little Blue Dynamo Award for innovation at a the Seoul Food and Hotel Exposition in May!

Two of the leading retailers Lotte Mart and E mart recently concluded frozen polybag blueberry sampling at stores throughout Korea, and even in the chill of winter — sales went well.  Blueberries were paired with yogurt and the USA origin was front and center!     Most importantly, retail executives saw the viability of merchandising frozen blueberries and plan more promotions and category development activity in the future!

Meet Izu Misaki – Blueberry Model!

Izu Misaki is a prominent, contemporary Japan model and she loves blueberries.  She features blueberries on her super popular blogs and twitter feeds!   Trendsetters such as Izu advocate the beautiful blueberry lifestyle!

Japan Magazine Advertising Continues

USHBC continues to promote blueberries in the dead of winter in Japan in anticipation of the fast approaching early season for fresh blueberries. Check out part two of a three part advertorial in Marie Claire Magazine which is one of the top magazines read by our target audience (Young Women in their late 20- to 40s). This time the chef transitioned from main course to desserts.

The article also includes information on blueberry health and beauty which is the main emphasis of this publication. The advertising helps keep the blueberry message alive and primes the market for the upcoming season and fresh blueberries!


Highbush Blueberries made a debut on ABTV, one of the hippest You Tube channels in Japan and the results are “colorful!”

The plot, hipster neighbor drops in to talk blueberries.
It’s all about colorful family and blueberries.