Expocomer Panama


Bienvenidos to Panama!   USHBC conducted the first trade mission and expositon to the Republic of Panama March 27-30, 2019 in Panama City.  For the past five years, we have met dozens of Panamanian companies at expositions in Miami.  Food companies in the region including baking, confectionery and snacks are seeking Real Blueberries and this year Blueberry FoodTech hopped the short flight to Panama for a look!

Commercial bakeries in the region look to use frozen blueberries in muffins and other items.

Dried blueberries work in the snacking culture.

Purees and puree concentrate is desired for ice creams and sorbets.  Panamanians are crazy for ice cream, especially in the heat of the April Summer where the temperatures soar to 90s and high humidity!

The USHBC Strategic directs  marketing and promotional activities to seek out new high value markets!   While most activities continue in the Asian markets, it is time to look close to home in the Central American market.

Stay tuned.

Adios from Panama!


Taiwan Frozen Polybag Promotion to the Rescue

PX Mart is the largest retail grocery chain in Taiwan. To start off the new season.

Simple Concept” Sampling of frozen polybag blueberries in-store, preparing smoothies with simple ingredients sold in store!

Results: Blue bar is before, orange bar after. The most positive result — importers of frozen blueberries greatly appreciated the support and are back on track with USA frozen imports!


Global Pet Expo

Orlando, Florida – USHBC FoodTech is just back from the GPE!

Ten years ago, you had to look very hard for blueberry-containing products.  In fact many were in the bird feed area.  Today, we see blueberry use in all areas of the multi-billion dollar pet food industry.  The big trend: we are seeing more and more use of pure, powder and higher value ingredients.

Stay tuned for some more GPE excitement!

Saigon Chefs Association

USHBC FoodTech Hana presents concepts at Saigon Chef Association meeting

Ho Chi Minh City – Hana continues to work the booming foodservice channel in Vietnam with cooperation with the local chef association.   Chefs are excited to see frozen blueberries available at last in Vietnam as well as dried and soon fresh!

Food Ingredients China

Food Manufacturers from throughout China attend FIC

China is a huge country of more than 1.3 billion.  How do you reach the food processing companies spread throughout 23 provinces.   Just like back home in the USA food processors attend major trade expositions similar to the Institute of Food Technologists.  Attendees include Research and Development staff from food companies from all over China.  They include local companies as well as multinationals.  What are they looking for?  The answer is — attractive value added ingredients that are formula ready.   Besides frozen, they are looking for dried, liquid and high tech ingredients such as powders, flakes and others.

Korea New Product Developments

USHB  asked our FoodTech Sunyong Lee to seek out new usage areas for blueberries!  He has been busy and here are some developments to date.  Check out these new products introduced in South Korea.  Companies are using items such as blueberry puree concentrate, powder and flakes to launch blueberries into new and exciting categories and products.  Go get ’em Sunyong!


Postcard from Sri Lanka

FoodTech Raj Kapoor visits Sri Laka looking for food industry opportunities for processed blueberries.

Here are some of Raj’s friends in the baking business. Lots of interest in frozen blueberries for muffins and other items.

Next question, next answer. Yes, they do have access to frozen blueberries in consumer and industrial packs.  The one kg bag is just right for Sri Lanka.

Yes, they have grocery stores all over the island as well as cash and carry for foodservice.Conclusion:  Sri Lanka is on the radar screen! Detailed report to follow!