November 2019 Blueberry Innovations

7-11, the convenience store giant repackaged the popular mini-muffin product with a statement: “made with real blueberries!”

Companies continue to re-formulate jams and preserves to include more bluenberry!


This ultra-premium jam product from Japan touted optimal blueberry content on the label.

Here is a launch of blueberry mini muffins in Spain. Although muffins are traditional and popular in the USA — it is a new concept in Europe.


Blueberry Guy has been talking about the “beauty-from-within” concept in foreign markets. Here is an innovative American product with a combination of ingredients associated with beauty such as collagen and blueberries.


Blueberry juice is an important ingredient in this Antioxidant beverage from France.


Here is a great new beauty-from-within bar with blueberries from Israel.


Greek yogurt beverages are on the rise. This product from Yi Li, a leading manufacturer contains “imported blueberry puree!” This means USA!

This is one of the strangest items I have ever seen. From Ireland we have a sock which is infused with black charcoal and blueberry essence.


In Search of Blueberry Beer

Where can you get a good blueberry beer? This is one of the most asked questions that the Blueberry Guy fields. Recently, I met a graduate student at Texas Women’s University who had all of the answers. This sensory study looked at a whole range of fruit flavored beers. The study investigated — what do beer drinkers have to say about fruit flavored beers. The chart is difficult to read — but from what I understand–berry flavors are appreciated as a refreshing brew. We havea ways to go to be on top of the berry brews, but at least we are on the charts. I will try to get some of the really great blueberry beers to the investigator. Go Blueberry Beer!

Gifting For Tet (Vietnamese New Year)

Now that the ultra-successful fresh blueberry campaign is complete–time to keep the blueberry momentum going. TMT Trading, which was a pioneer in bringing frozen blueberries to Vietnam, has now launched a new dried blueberry line!   Just in time for Tet — the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. This is the most important time for Vietnamese to return to their home town or village. Dried blueberries are the perfect gift!

Blueberry Flavors

Check out this beautiful blueberry booth at a recent FoodTech expo! This company produces real blueberry flavors extracted from blueberries and they are used in natural cosmetics and foods.

On the Road to Frisco Texas

It’s November — time to visit the food industry in Texas. Welcome to Frisco!

This is the annual meeting of the Longhorn Chapter of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).  Food Technologists are the behind-the-scenes heroes who work tirelessly to develop new products and improve old ones.

Who attends:

  1. Ingredient suppliers.  USHBC has been active in the organization for decades and this is where we present ingredient use.  Check out the products on display — all using new blueberry ingredients such as dried blueberries, powders and flakes.   These products are a show stopper!
  2. Local Sellers.   This is a great time to walk the show and meet one on one with companies who sell ingredients to the regional food industry.  These are the front-line troops and they are continually in contact with companies like Bimbo, PepsiCo and others.  They appreciate that we visit and usually walk off with stacks of technical brochures, new product examples and knowledge.
  3. Local food Processors. These food technologists get out of the lab to attend the conferences, meet resources like USHBC and see technical papers presented by local universities.
  4. Food Tech Students!  It is so wonderful to meet the future blueberry users!   They are so full of energy and inquiry.


Semper Fi in Saigon

November 10 is a special day for United States Marines all over the world. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is no exception. USHBC was a participant in this year’s big event to honor Marines, past and present– especially the local Security Guard Detachment.

Hana and colleagues from USDA and local trade.

Special gifts for attendees. You never know when these will come in handy.


Myanmar Food Tech

Welcome to FoodTech Myanmar. This was the first food processing exposition in Myanmar and blueberries were the talk of the show!


Food processors, importers and distributors had heard of the big success in Vietnam and were excited to see USA blueberries in Yangon.


The USHBC booth was the talk of the show and visitors came from far away to connect! Frozen blueberries are used for smothies and bakery items. Dried blueberries are also interesting for the snack sector. What a show!