Blueberry “Bubble” Beverages in Vietnam

Bubble Tea is one of the most popular beverages all over Southeast Asia. The concept: bubble shaped orbs made from tapioca starch are served in cold tea beverages. You suck up the bubbles with the big straw. Why not replace the tapioca balls with blueberry?  With inspiration from Hana our FoodTech in Vietnam and frozen blueberries from a local foodservice supplier (TMT) –we have it!   Cheese and Coffee, a local chain with outlets all over Vietnam launched its new blueberry bubble beverages with a splash! Word is: “take a number” as the crowds are lined up to try!

Congratulations to Team Blueberry in Vietnam including Hana and her friernds from Cheese and coffee and TMT! The company has already increased its imports of frozen blueberry containers this year to fill the demand of this beverage concept!!!  Next, we will take this concept to Myanmar, then Philippines where we believe this will also be a big hit!

Ghee meets Blueberry in India

The blueberry guy thought he had seen it all, until this innovative product from India was launched in October 2019. Ghee is a butter oil that is used in almost all Indian cooking. Every household maintains a supply. As the product name implies – a blueberry puree of about ten percent is mixed to give it color and flavor. The result is a ready-to-use blueberry ingredient in traditional Indian confectionery and sauces and yes — even curries. Now we have a new way to get the taste of blueberry into the diet of 1.3 billion population India!

Mumbai Bakery Workshop

If you happen to be shopping at the Food Hall in Mumbai, Friday December 6– stop by to see Chef Shorya Kapoor demonstrate baking concepts using dried and frozen blueberries. Thanks to the USDA-FAS office in Mumbai for organizing.  Bakers from throughout Maharastra will attend.  USA Blueberries are available at the cash-and-carry  foodservice section of Food  Hall which is a leading retailer in India.  They are a trendsetter in the food business and have been promoting blueberries alongside USHBC for the past five years!

Besides being a bakery master, with training at the American Institute of Baking (AIB) in Manhattan, Kansas and work in South Korea — Shorya teaches AITBM Bakery Institute in Greater Noida.   He is also son of the ever-popular Raj Kapoor!  Shorya includes blueberries dozens of workshops throughout the year.

Here are a few of the items he will demonstrate!

Bakers can make their own fresh fillings with frozen blueberries and get the bluebery content above 50%.

Shorya shows how to create a fancy birthday cake with blueberry drcoraton. Cakes for birthday are a new concept. With a population of 1.3 billion — everyone has a birthday once a year! Blueberries make it special.


Dried Blueberry Sales to the Middle East

Meet your new blueberry customers. Blueberries were unknown before we started participating in the yearly Gulfood Exposition in Dubai. Fresh blueberry sales to Dubai in 2015 then zoomed to  $1.7 million shipped in 2018. We have always thought that the dried blueberry would appeal to the Gulf States. In 2019, shipments of highbush dried blueberries to the region have soared to more than $2 million USD.  (Kuwait = $1.8 million; Qatar = $552,000 USD; Saudi Arabia = $445,000 USD). This is mainly going to regional grocery chains with ties to India where the dried blueberry trend has also risen.


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Good Morning Myanmar!

It all started with a chance meeting with Myanmar visitors to a Food Expo in New Orelans. Twenty importers and bakers were in tow. We took them to Mississippi to see blueberries and experience real southern hospitality. The importers returned and started importing. Now the lead baker from Myanmar follows with the roll out of a new blueberry cream roll. Keep an eye on Myanmar!