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School Foodservice Processing – 2013

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Processing Spotlight!

Ultimate Breakfast Round® (UBR®) – Blueberry!

Rich Products Company developed this portable, pre-baked, individually wrapped, 2.5 oz. breakfast concept, the Ultimate Breakfast Round®.  It contains 100% whole grain and real blueberries.  The product has 0% transfat and is a good source of fiber. (Information:




“Berry Boost” Sorbet!

The Food Innovation Center of Oregon State University, has developed innovative berry concepts for school foodservice and processing.  

“Berry Boost” combines berry ingredients available through USDA Foods, such as purees, juic concentrates, fruit pieces and whole frozen blueberries to create delicious fruit sorbets.

Check out the formulas at:




USHBC is a member of ACDA. Meet our team at upcoming meetings.


Schools are important to Americas blueberry growers.  School foodservice staff love bleberries because the kids eat em up!  We love schools because we approach a whole new generation of blueberry lovers!  Now, US production has risen to a level that we are able to supply frozen bleberries to USDA Food programs.  Now is the time to take a look at blueberries in school foodservice!


– Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant


Blueberry Ingredients:

>Dehydrated Blueberries, (100% natural), sugar infused, fruit juice infused; >Blueberry purees;

>Blueberry Juice and concentrate.

(Available from foodservice and ingredient suppliers).





(Formulas available)

Big News – Blueberries Available through USDA Foods

USDA Foods (commodity foods) program purchases of cultivated blueberries are shown in the table above (USDA-AMS data as of Dec. 27, 2013).  A total of 15,444,000 lbs. of frozen blueberries were purchased in FY 2013, valued at $18,432,352. Thanks to increased production, blueberries are back in USDA Food programs.  Last year North American production peaked at 640.1 million lbs.,  a 50% increase as compared to 2008 with 424.5 million lbs. 

Frozen Blueberry Availability

Today frozen, unsweetened  blueberries (100244) come in 30 lb. cases for the school commodity program. 

  • USDA Description: Blueberries, (nsweetened, frozen.  
  • WBSCM ID # 100243
  • Note:blueberries are not sweeteened.


School Processing Concepts:

>Blueberry fruit cups

>Frozen blueberry bars  Packed for “squeeze up” —  just like the convenience stores!

>Blueberry muffins

>Mini-blueberry pies and tartlets

>Blueberry sherbet or sorbet.

>Blueberry sauces for main dishes

>Blueberry pizza (kids love it!)

>Blueberry tortillas and flatbreads

>Blueberry filled burritos

>Blueberry granola bars

>Blueberry energy bars

>Blueberry smoothies

>Blueberry horchata (rice-based beverage)

>Blueberry dipping sauces  


School Foodservice Processing Resources:





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