Blueberry “Bubble” Beverages in Vietnam

Bubble Tea is one of the most popular beverages all over Southeast Asia. The concept: bubble shaped orbs made from tapioca starch are served in cold tea beverages. You suck up the bubbles with the big straw. Why not replace the tapioca balls with blueberry?  With inspiration from Hana our FoodTech in Vietnam and frozen blueberries from a local foodservice supplier (TMT) –we have it!   Cheese and Coffee, a local chain with outlets all over Vietnam launched its new blueberry bubble beverages with a splash! Word is: “take a number” as the crowds are lined up to try!

Congratulations to Team Blueberry in Vietnam including Hana and her friernds from Cheese and coffee and TMT! The company has already increased its imports of frozen blueberry containers this year to fill the demand of this beverage concept!!!  Next, we will take this concept to Myanmar, then Philippines where we believe this will also be a big hit!

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