Blueberry Chocolate Nirvana

The average American consumes almost 10 lbs. of chocolate per year. The “Bluenberry Guy” may consume that much in a month! My all time favorite you ask: Check out the Dark Chocolate Blueberry  from Marich Confectionery in Hollister, California. First, you start with sweetened-dried highbush blueberries.  Visit me at one of the upcoming FoodTech expositions posted on the page and try!   This is my personal favorite and a great example of the use of blueberry powder as a natural color and flavor!

Here is a good look at the Dark Chocolate blueberries. Interior is a soft sweet dried blueberry coated with a dark chocolate. The exterior is a thin white layer of white chocolate which is infused with blueberry powder to give the color and intense blueberry flavor!