American Institute of Baking Seminar

Chef Shorya Kapoor — yes the son of the ever-popular Raj Kapoor in New Delhi India – presented a seminar on highbush blueberries to fellow attendees of the Baking Technology Course at the campus in Manhattan, Kansas.

Bakery professionals from throughout the world attend the 16-week course.   Attendees included staff from some of the leading bakeries in the world including Bimbo (Mexico) , Yamazaki (Japan)  and Uni-President (Taiwan).

Shorya gave a introductory presentation on highbush blueberries and a laboratory on the optimal use of frozen blueberries in commercial muffin formulas.

Attendees were especially interested in dried blueberries, powders and other ingredient solutions!

Great job Shorya!

Incredible India Seminar

USHBC hosted an all-day seminar for importers, distributors and end users of highbush blueberries in Mumbai, India November 20, 2018.  We anticipated 40 and 86 professionals took time from their busy schedules to attend!  It was a special honor for USHBC to salute some of the pioneering companies who Nutraj, Tajir, Orchard, Delta,  IG and Anusaya among others who have worked side by side with USHBC for the past decade.

The event, coordinated by Raj Kapoor, our India FoodTech, consisted of five parts.

  1. Blueberry Education.  Tom Payne gave an overview of blueberries and blueberry ingredient solutions.
  2. A Panel discussion by importers, distributors on the market situation and strategies for moving forward.  (including  a strategy for India stakeholders to work on duty reduction with their government).
  3. A chef demo that showed the use of frozen blueberries and the economics of adding this value added ingredient.
  4. A salute to India by Tom Payne for rising from $0 to $1 million I imports in 2018, and marketing strategies for moving forward!
  5. A panel discussion by some of India’s top celebrity chefs with impressions and advice on increasing blueberry use in the food industry and food service categories.

At the end of the day, we announced that this will become a yearly event and will include a New product award.  Companies pledged to give full support to our marketing efforts — with special emphasis on use of the Real Seal in qualified products.

Thank you India!

China Fruit Veg!

Each year the Chinese government agency (AQSIQ) hosts the Fruit & Vegetable Fair in Beijing.

USHBC exhibits to show commitment to the opening of the China market for fresh blueberries! It is held in the old “Russian built” exposition center in the middle of Beijing.

China FV is the big event for fresh fruit imports for China!

Here is a video taken the morning before the show opened!

Julia works the crowd!


Durian everywhere!
Our neighbour booth: "Mr. Fuji"
I love this poster!
The key to market access...Jujube!

SIAL Paris Starts

SIAL Paris Starts

SIAL is the World’s fair of food.  The mega expo is run every other year in Paris, France.

  • 7,000 exhibitors
  • 190 countries
  • 160,000 visitors

SIAL is a great place to meet current and potential users of blueberries.  Interest from Europe is for dry and frozen.

Cereal Chemists Meet in London

Cereal Chemists Meet in London

The American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC) is now AACCI (International).

USHBC has been a member of this association for decades and the membership includes research and development staff from some of the leading bakery, cereal, brewing and other industries.

Selfie time at AAC-I This is the view from the USHBC table top. This is the main route to the technical sessions and all roads lead to the USHBC table!

Membership reflects the international membership including General Mills, Kellogg’s Quaker and others.

USHBC has a table top display at the event and continually meet with researchers to discuss blueberries and blueberry solutions.  Tomorrow is pet food day!

Visitors are drawn to the display of blueberry-containing cereal products from around the world.

Korea Discovers Blueberry Ingredients

Korean companies continue to innovate with blueberries.  

Here are some recent examples of blueberry powders and flakes utilized in innovative breakfast cereals.

We will exhibit some if these innovative products at the upcoming American Association of Cereal Chemists International (AACCI) meeting in London, October 21-23.

This product from Mom Knows Best utilizes real blueberry powder in extruded grain pieces. This is the "real deal!"
Now this is interesting! Note the chart where "Mom" classifies food by color!
Fresh blueberries on the package and dehydrated blueberries extruded into the cereal flake.
Check out the chart on the back panel that shows the equivalency of dried to fresh blueberries.

Blueberry Innovation – India!

Check out the latest new product innovation in India — Festaa! 

With the help of our social networking Raj Kapoot — Festaa developed this new blueberry syrup.  Raj helped the company hook up with local suppliers or USA blueberries and here is the result!


India Culinary-Mixology Competition

USHBC co-sponsored a culinary and mixology competition at the SIAL-India Exposition, September 19-21 in New Delhi.

Competitors concocted blueberry margaritas, mojitos and lassis!

Stay tuned to learn the winning mixology recipe!

Mexico Food Tech Summit – 2018

Mexico Food Tech Summit – 2018

USHBC will exhibit at the Mexico Food Tech Summit and Expo held in Mexico City September 26-27. Prior to the show — Meetings have been scheduled with some of the leading food processing companies in Mexico. Viva Mexico!


The Mexico food industry is on the move.

Grupo Bimbo is the largest bakery in the world and also the largest bakery in the USA and Canada as well as Central and South America. They just opened operations in China!

Rich’s Products distributes bakery ingredients all over the nation of 130 million.

Kellogg’s and Quaker operate thriving businesses in cereals and snack bars.

This is not to mention all of the important regional and national food processing companies!



USHBC has been working in the Mexican food industry for the past 15 years and we have seen a lot of changes  — for the good.


New Blueberry Products as of 9/24/2018

  • Companies are calling blueberries — blueberries!
  • Some still call “mora Azul,” but few “arándano” which means cranberry!
  • Some of the most innovative products in North America are coming from Mexico. Mexico is home to ancient grains and we are seeing more and more blueberry combinations.
  • The health snack sector loves blueberries.  Bars contain dried blueberries.
  • Dairy manufacturers are flavoring with blueberry.

Big week ahead!  Go Blueberries!

Can-Do Cambodia!

Following the USHBC Strategic plan, USHBC FoodTech explores new long-term markets for highbush blueberries!

Since joining the team one year ago, Hana has visited most of the “Tiger Economies” of Southeast Asia, attending or exhibiting at food manufacturing expositions, meeting with experts such as importers, exporters, distributors and manufacturers. These are the future customers for US blueberries and ingredients.

  • Cambodia is a nation of about 16 million
  • Although Cambodia is sometimes remembered as a land of turmoil and strife, it has stabilized and has become one of the leading tourist destinations in Southeast Asia with remnants of ancient civilizations, temples and a rich culinary legacy.
  • Cambodia is developing a high level urban infrastructure with modern roads, mass transit and the sign of affluence: Mega Malls and grocery stores.
  • The country has a well educate hard working labor pool which has drawn major Asian and European companies into the region to develop factories that can capitalize on the abundant raw materials.
  • Although a poor country overall, there is a rising middle class and wealthy upper class with spending power.
  • Cambodians are a nation of “foodies” and some say their local cuisine is one of the most sophisticated on earth with multiple spices, and classical French influence from colonial Indo-China days.


What Next?  Cambodia is on our radar screen.   We see immediate opportunities for fresh and frozen polybag for hotel and restaurant trades which in turn are give exposure to the population.   We are seeing baking, dairy and confectionery operations starting up in Cambodia and the food industry is also a long term target.  With a USHBC FoodTech positioning in the region — we can easily asses and service these new markets and get in at the start of something special!


Here are some views of the New Pnom Penh:

USHBC FoodTech Hana Huynh visits Cambodia to assess future market for processed blueberries!
Religion is everywhere. Streets are immaculate. Gourmet Cambodian meals can be enjoyed at roadside stands. Make sure to try the curry catfish!!! If you look beyond the temple you will see a new 5-star hotel and shopping complex.
Time for shopping. Most stores are local chains, and are modeled after Singapore and Hong Kong markets. They include smaller malls and include first class bakeries where you can get a world-class French baguette!
Cambodia is a fruit consuming country and the aroma of durian is everywhere. Despite all of the fruit in the country you will find imported juices everywhere as well as sweet jams, jellies and preserves.
Here is the inside of one of the many mega malls in Phnom Penh.
Time for the CamFood Expo. This is a very new concept in Cambodia. With a booming high-end tourist traffic, the country is moving to increase quality of local goods and also ease up import requirements.
Here is the USA Pavilion. For now it is mainly meat and poultry. Now US ingredient companies are trickling in to grab first dibs on the food and hotel supply. We met with importers, distributors and manufacturers. Many will be attending the Food Ingredients Asia Expo in Jakarta in October and will stop and visit the USHBC booth.
Japanese and Korean companies such as Kewpie (mayonnaise) are now established in Cambodia. Khon Ghuan -- a large Malaysian biscuit company opened manufacturing operations in Cambodia. It is a matter of time before the big Korean companies arrive!

Colombia Ultra-Amazing New Blueberry Containing Products

Here are the results from our first ever New Products Award in Colombia!


Taiwan Bakery Seminar

(Note the huge super typhoon which barely missed Taiwan!  Good Luck!)


Here are some photos from the events:

Celebrity Pastry Chef Joanne Chang, presented blueberries and other USA ingredients at a series of seminars for bakers held throughout Taiwan! She wowed the audience with sticky bun magic!
Chef Joanne demonstrated how to take flour and blueberries and turn into gold!
Local chef prepares muffin batter with frozen blueberries which are now available all over Taiwan.
Muffins packed with blueberries!
Event was sponsored by the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT)
Full house at all of the events.
As you can see, the attendees enjoyed the sticky buns!
Media turned up at each venue in the major cities of Taiwan.
Success! This group gives the thumbs up!

Big G! This is what I’m Talking About!

Here is an example of General Mills keeping true to their commitment to remove artificial colors and additives and use the real thing!
Blueberry powder! Works well in extruded cereal flakes.
Note this important claim for those who really need gluten free products.
Now this is very interesting! I like the way that the FIRST INGREDIENT is spotlighted!

I’m Excited about Éxito!





Welcome to Éxito. 

This Colombia-based grocery chain is the largest in South America with 2,606 stores and growing!


Here are a few observations from my recent journey to a store in Bogota!

The native "Agraz."
The native "Agraz."
Fresh locally produced highbush blueberries. Note that they are labeled "Arandanos" which is the same word used for cranberries.
Dried blueberries from Manitoba -- one of the Dynamo Award winners.

Viva Colombia!

I love it when a plan comes together.

We have seen interest in blueberries in Colombia for the past few years.

Whenever we exhibit at Miami, we always meet Colombian importers and  food processors with interest.  This country of 49 million is on the rise.   With an end of a civil war which has hindered the economy since the mid-1960s — Colombia is on the move.

Colombians love blueberries.  They have a native species in the wild and have been developing a small domestic crop to feed demand.

Colombian food processors are on the leading edge of new product development with blueberries.   Since USHBC started work in-country two years ago, we have seen developments of new blueberry products including, baking, snacks and confectionery.

Dried blueberries and ingredient solutions such as flakes and powders are used in the food industry and poly-bag frozen blueberries can be found in supermarkets nationwide!

On September 7, 2018 USHBC held it’s first annual Dynamo New Product Award for innovation.

2018 Dynamo New Product Award Winners!

Check out this video.  You can sense the excitement!  Watch this market grow!