Global Pet Expo 2018

So, you did not make it to Global Pet Expo (GPE), 2018 held March 21-23 in Orlando, Florida.  Well, no worry — check out this video on all of the action.  Blueberries on the labels, in the products and on the minds now of the product developers.

It’s GPE Time Again!

Each year, Blueberry FoodTech attends the World’s Fair of Pet Foods in Orlando, Florida — the Global Pet Expo or as us pet people say — G P E.

Here is a sneak preview of the many pet-products containing blueberries!

Blueberries at Global Pet Expo

USA Pet industry — $69 billion dollar industry!

For the past five years we have been visiting the Global Pet Expo — known as GPE to all of us pet people!  Year one — we saw a few interesting products with blueberry.    Year two — gaining interest.

Now — check out the tour of GPE 2017.   Blueberries everywhere!

New Pet Food Concept with Blueberry Puree

We already reported that there were more than 80 new blueberry-containing products introduced in North America in the first half of 2015!   (126 worldwide).   These include dog, cat hamster and even reptile food with blueberries!   While most blueberries are extruded into mixtures of grains and proteins — here is a brand new concept.   Fruit toppings to be added to regular pet foods!

The Beyond ® Natural Puree line is a pouch concept.   Mixtures include mixtures of blueberry with chicken and beef and vegetables.   Note the blueberries on the pack to appeal to the pet owner!  What a great idea!

Pet Food Mania Continues

The blueberry pet food trend continues in 2015 and a recent visit to the US Global Pet Expo (GPE) in Orlando, indicates that blueberry use will continue to grow.   As of the end of May 2015, more than 60 new pet food products have been launched this year.   This includes, dogs, cats and all sorts of critter food ranging from rabbits to reptiles!

Why?  Marketers attribute the ultra-premium pet food phenomena as a result of the “humanization” of pets.   They are part of the family and we will do anything for the health and well being of our pet.   Research indicates that pet owners do seek out healthy and nutrition ingredients in pet foods and also tend to look for ingredients such as blueberry, kale and pumpkin — which have the all important health halo.  Major pet food companies conduct research on pet health.

Observations from GPE:

International Pet Foods.   The USA is the trendsetter, but we are seeing new blueberry-containing products in Europe, Latin America and Asia.   China is an emerging mega-market for pet foods and pet owners look for the safety assurance of US produced pet foods and blueberries.

Specialty Pet Foods.

Seems that everyone has an old dog at home and manufactures developing new products specifically for seniors.   Many include blueberry ingredients.   We also see pet food obese pets young and old.

Products for dog and master!

Here is the latest trend — bars, cookies muffin to share with the pet!

Blueberry Pet Foods Continue

Blueberry Pet Foods Continue

Blueberry guy has just returned from the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida. “GPE” to all of us pet food insiders! Ten years ago, I walked all over the huge show and saw a few signs of fruits and vegetables in pet foods. This year, I saw blueberries from the dog and cat food areas to the reptile section! Blueberries were everywhere. I wore my Little Blue Dynamo shirt and Blueberry Council ID and received “rock star” reactions from exhibitors who wanted to know more about blueberries.

USHBC provided a bibliography of health benefits, which is focused on human health. The pet food producers certainly do generalize the human benefits to pets. Anti-aging, urinary tract, and eyesight are the main topic of interest. But, health and beauty is also on the agenda. Met one company doing reptile foods, alligator foods and even large insects!

Well, look at the MINTEL Global new product database tracking of blueberry containing pet foods. 2012 was a big big year. Now look at 2014. Three months into the new year and almost 50 percent of the 2012 record year! Trends: Healthy bars for human and pet! Hot Oatmeal for dogs. Raw foods and pemmican with blueberry. We’ll keep watching this category, and thanks to GPE attendees for thinking of blueberries!