Beautiful Blueberry Extracts for Vietnam

Two years ago, we started seeing Korean skincare products on the market in Vietnam.  Now here is an example of a new Vietnam-made product using USA blueberry extract and olive oil!   Hana, our local foodtech, has been linking local companies with samples and supplies!

Beauty-from-Within Japan

This is a test.   The time: January 26, 2018.   The place:  7-11 Convenience store in Ariake, Japan  It is slightly below freezing outside.

The store is in a cluster of high-rise buildings occupied by companies like Panasonic and the Tokyo Big Site expo center.  Office workers escape their desks and dash to the 7-11 for lunch.   On the way to the check out — a stop at the frozen fruit freezer!

Workers, mainly young ladies line up to pick up 130 g packs of frozen fruits (a little more than a quarter pound)  — blueberries, strawberries and sliced mangos.  It is 12:30 pm  and the case is already sold out of blueberries!

What’s up?  I asked.   Time and again the young ladies point to the skin when asked about their purchase.  They top their yogurt, pop the berries right out of the bag.

Blueberries are certainly recognized as a beauty fruit!

Cosme-Tokyo 2018

In Asia, blueberries are often identified as “good for beauty.”
Asian cosmetic companies have pioneered natural cosmetics.  This includes:
  • Cosmetics and skin care items with fruits, vegetables and herbs and extracts.
  • Cosmaceuticals which are cosmetics made with natural ingredients to provide beneficial functions.
  • Beauty-from-within.  Food products and potions made with natural ingredients that are identified with skin and beauty benefits.
  • Beauty-in-advance.  This is the new hot button where certain ingredients are mixed that when consumed in youth are beneficial to skincare in the golden years.

Like most cosmetics, there is a lot of imagery and not a lot of scientific backup.   But, little by little the body of knowledge is expanding — especially in Asia.  This is driving fruit usage in the natural cosmetics business.

Check out this video of a recent visit to the Cosme-Tokyo 2018 Exposition in Tokyo.  Five years ago it was in a small expo center with a few exhibitors and less attendees.  Today, it occupies seven halls of the massive Makuhari Messe and thousands of visitors from all over the world.  Enjoy the tour!

Highbush Blueberries & Beauty from Within

“Beauty from within,” “cosmaceuticals, ” “nutracosmetics.”   My definition, natural substances which are beneficial for skin, hair and nails.   Beauty ingredients. Mark my words, these are terms that you will hear a lot about — and a basis for continued market development at home and abroad.

I was asked to give a presentation on trends at a seminar on USA food trends in Japan recently.   Japan has built the most advanced food industry in the world and always at the forefront of new trends such as nutractraceuticals.  Now Asian countries are at the forefront of natural cosmetics and the emerging “beauty from within” and “beauty in advance” trends!

Here are some slides from my presentation.


New Generation of Blueberry Skin Care

New Generation of Blueberry Skin Care

Blueberry ingredients are found in dozens of skin care products today.  Some are big in blueberry image and small in blueberry use.  Here is a unique item using a combination of co enzyme Q10 as well as botanical ingredients including blueberry.  We will see more and more of these pairing of natural ingredients associated with skin care, health and beauty.

Highbush Blueberries – The Beauty Berry

For years we have been marveling at the Asian attraction to blueberries as part of a beauty regime.   Ask consumers why they purchase: skin, hair, nails are the normal answer.   For centuries Chinese and Asian medicine research has discussed the role of blueberries as part of beauty and skin care.

Here is our new booth which had a debut in a recent exhibition in Japan.


The “Beauty Berry!”

Check out the new USHBC booth for Asian markets!   That gentleman on the right is our USHBC Chairman Parm Bains!


Blueberry Cosmetics Continue to Rise

Blueberries are hot in the multi-billion dollar natural cosmetic field!

Asia leads the way and the trend is now rising in North America!   Keep an eye out for new blueberry skin care products!  Source: Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD)