Dried Blueberry Sales to the Middle East

Meet your new blueberry customers. Blueberries were unknown before we started participating in the yearly Gulfood Exposition in Dubai. Fresh blueberry sales to Dubai in 2015 then zoomed to  $1.7 million shipped in 2018. We have always thought that the dried blueberry would appeal to the Gulf States. In 2019, shipments of highbush dried blueberries to the region have soared to more than $2 million USD.  (Kuwait = $1.8 million; Qatar = $552,000 USD; Saudi Arabia = $445,000 USD). This is mainly going to regional grocery chains with ties to India where the dried blueberry trend has also risen.


Check out the data at: https://www.ers.usda.gov/data-products/fruit-and-tree-nut-data/data-by-commodity/



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