Expo IAlimentec Colombia

USHBC continues to work on the promising Colombian food industry market. This year, we participated in the Ialimentec Exposition which is a trade only event held in Bogota. Since last year’s activity launch, this has been like “old home week” where we are visiting friends from 2018 and seeing new product developments in 2019!


A representative from Nutresa, visits USHBC FoodTech Katia Miura at the booth!  Carlos in the back from Nutrilink is an importer and distributor who is a tremendous help to USHBC FoodTech!  


Blueberry Guy’s buddy Carlito visits to discuss his new dairy initiatives.  He is always the life of the party and a real new product visionary and friend of blueberries.  


Here is our booth backdrop specially developed for the Colombia Expo!

Mission accomplished!  The excitement continues and wait until you see the stream of new blueberry-containing products coming out of Colombia!