Food Taipei – 2019

Food Taipei held June 18-22, 2o19 is the big event for the food industry in Taiwan, Republic of China.  It is also like old home week for the blueberry guy and a chance to meet old blueberry friends from over the years.

The “Two M’s” Melody and Mandy Chen.  They do a great job representing USHBC in Taiwan and Greater China.   Note their cool “Real Blueberry” uniforms thanks to Hana in Vietnam!   Team Blueberry Taiwan participates in regular seminars, promotions and events with the USDA-FAS office in Taipei.  In the last three years, the crew has conducted retail sampling programs for fresh and frozen blueberries to help keep the important retail sector moving.

As always, the USHB booth was the center of attention in the USA Pavillion.   Importers and users current and new came by to chat at the booth.

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) held a wonderful trade reception after the expo and look what was the showcase dessert!

Taiwan = 24 million population

4-year average value of US Blueberry imports according to US Customs.

Dried Blueberries  = $ $236,000

Fresh Blueberries =  $1,317,000

Frozen Blueberries = $976,000

Total: $2.59 million USD

Prospects for future:

Taiwan companies are important players in the Greater China food industry.  They operate all over China and companies like Ichido Bakeries in East China are blueberry trendsetters.

More an more companies are trying blueberry ingredient solutions such as powders, juice concentrates and purees in the dairy business.

Thank you Taiwan and see you next year at Food Taipei!