Great Tasting Real Blueberry Cider

Jack and Charlie at Tomasello Winery in Hammonton, New Jersey have done it again.   This fourth-generation winemaking family and blueberry booster from Hammonton, New Jersey offer a wide line of excellent fruit wines including dry and sweet, 100% Blueberry Wines, Sparkling Blueberry Wine, Blueberry Forte’ (like a port) and now:  Artisan Orchard Tomasello 4th Generation Blueberry Cider.

Jack sent me a bottle of this wonderful blueberry rich cider.  It contains a lot of blueberry juice and a great flavor!  The alcohol content is 5.7% by volume and I especially like the 22 oz bottle which lasted a whole Super Bowl Sunday!

To Jack at Tomasello Winery, keep ’em coming and we look forward to a Korean Style Blueberry Soju in the future!