Hana and Bell Excellent Adventure

Our route took us 690 miles, two states and six Vietnamese restaurants!  Hana, our Vietnam FoodTech helped tour Ms. Bell Dong from Dan On Foods (Vietnam) around the Pacific Northwest. They visited blueberry farms, a dried blueberry factory and attended the USHBC meeting in Richland, Washington! Dan On Foods is a customer of dried blueberries and produces snack foods in Vietnam which are distributed all over Southeast Asia and China!  Here they are in Seattle at Pho #6!

Pho Hung Restaurant in Portland was voted top Pho of all six restaurants sampled on the “Excellent Adventure.” Really authentic according to Hana and Bell

Just when you thought it was safe…
This rest stop photo in Central Washington  is sure to end up in Facebook posts all over Vietnam.

Welcome back Hana and Bell!