Michigan Meets Myanmar

What a great opportunity after the GLIFT meeting to buzz up to Lansing to meet up with our good friend Entomologist Deluxe, Dr. Rufus Issacs of Michigan State University  (Middle person waving) .  Rufus will always drop whatever is doing to help with market access documents and foreign visitors.   Now on the far left is a special visitor: Dr. Yee from Myanmar who is on a study visit to MSU to see market access work first hand.   Of course we found the only Burmese restaurant in town and sat down for an enjoyable meeting and discussion.   The highlight of the evening was when Dr. Yee pulled out her smart phone and showed us a copy of the market access request from the US Blueberry Industry that she diligently reviewed and approved last year!  This has led to the first shipments of fresh US blueberries to Myanmar this season!   Thank you Dr. Yee and Myanmar!  Thank you Rufus and your crew at the MSU Entomology lab!