Non-food use of blueberries

We blueberry guys were quite surprised a decade ago when we started noticing new product introductions in non-human food product areas such as pet foods and cosmetics.   Now — we are noticing a new way-out-there category:  Non-Foods and household products.

Last year we started to see dozens of blueberry scented and identified household cleaners, candles, cleaners and others.   Do they use real blueberries — not sure.   Do they provide blueberry exposure at the market — yes.   What does this all mean?   Blueberries have a “rock star” image and brand managers recognize this.   Not sure if we should take this all as an insult or compliment, but for now we will take exposure!
China - Dish-washing Liquid
United Kingdom - Laundry Conditioner
USA - Blueberry Candle