November 2019 Blueberry Innovations

7-11, the convenience store giant repackaged the popular mini-muffin product with a statement: “made with real blueberries!”

Companies continue to re-formulate jams and preserves to include more bluenberry!


This ultra-premium jam product from Japan touted optimal blueberry content on the label.

Here is a launch of blueberry mini muffins in Spain. Although muffins are traditional and popular in the USA — it is a new concept in Europe.


Blueberry Guy has been talking about the “beauty-from-within” concept in foreign markets. Here is an innovative American product with a combination of ingredients associated with beauty such as collagen and blueberries.


Blueberry juice is an important ingredient in this Antioxidant beverage from France.


Here is a great new beauty-from-within bar with blueberries from Israel.


Greek yogurt beverages are on the rise. This product from Yi Li, a leading manufacturer contains “imported blueberry puree!” This means USA!

This is one of the strangest items I have ever seen. From Ireland we have a sock which is infused with black charcoal and blueberry essence.


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