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The Real Blueberries™ Seal identifies products with adequate and optimal amounts of authentic blueberries and signals US Highbush grower appreciation. Most products can qualify. The objective is to screen out minimal use and artificial blueberry-containing products.

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Since the 1990s, when the benefits of blueberries have become more popular, the per capita consumption of fresh and frozen blueberries in the United States has increased by over 500%! One comment we hear often is “I consume blueberries daily to get my antioxidants!” Hundreds of new products are launched every year – and include bakery products, patisseries, dairy products, snacks, pet food, natural cosmetics, among others.

And the diversity of formats offered by the industries – fresh, frozen, dehydrated, powdered, liquid, puree, concentrate, etc. – contribute to the growing popularity of products with blueberries on the shelves of supermarkets. Make sure your customers know they are consuming products that contain many real blueberries!

The 3500 producers of highbush blueberries from the USA invite you to join the Blueberry Team! The requirements are simple, there is no cost and it is a great way to get the benefits of the popularity of blueberries!

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