Salute to the Local Blueberry Sellers in Japan

Here is the sourcing map for a large Japanese Trading company called Wismettac. Note that they have global sourcing activity.  Several of these companies including Inabata, Vox Trading, Shoei Foods and many others  service the food industries large and small. 

Wismettac Foods Japan features frozen fruit from around the world and has been a steady buyer from North America. Note the use of the Real Seal on their brochure and packs sold to foodservice and bakeries.

While working the Japan Bakery Expo last week, I met dozens of bakery and confectionery companies who currently use or want to use blueberries.  They need less than full-container loads (40-foot).  The trading companies serve a very important role in serving the food industry.

Here is a chart showing the volume of frozen blueberries into Japan. The Great Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami had great effect on the economy in general. The market for frozen blueberries is rising again with the help of importers, distributors and end users!