Super Korean FoodTech In Action

You may ask — what is Sunyong Lee up to in Korea? Glad you asked: We challenged our Korean FoodTech  to find new uses for blueberries in the Korean market. He is off and running!  Above he meets with the director of a company called “Baby Yo.” The company produces home meal replacements (HMRs). Koreans rarely cook at home an rely on prepared items from stores and often convenience stores. They are always looking for new ideas and Sunyong has the answer: Blueberries!  BTW: That is Sunyong on the left!


Meat is King in Korea. Here Sunyong meets with the research director of Foodsmith a prepared meat producer. He loved the blueberry Bi-Bim Bap sauce conceopt developed by Sunyong.

Sunyong is an expert in dairy flavors and has worked all over Asia. In fact, he was the first to develop a blueberry novelty more than 30 years ago. Here he checks in at a leading dairy ingredient supplier who uses blueberry puree and puree concentrate.  We see lots of potential in this usage category!

Despite all consumer trends towards health and beauty — Koreans are still gobbling up donuts! Here Sunyong explains procedures for adding blueberry flakes and powders into this “American style” favorite!


What do young Koreans do after work! Chicken and beer is now the rage.  Sunyong tweaked his Bi Bim Bap sauce with some extra chili kick and it is a hit. Company name: ChiMcKing!


The nice thing about getting a food science degree from Seoul National University is that you always have fellow alumni to visit at the top companies. Here is a new friend from the top cosmetic company in Korea. (Arome Pacific)   Thanks to Sunyong’s connection –natural blueberry extract from the USA is now used in a variety of new and improved cosmetics for women and yes–men!  It takes around 35 kg of blueberry to make 1 kg of blueberry extract!

Above: As of October 15, 2019  we see new products developed in new categories such as sauces, meats and even natural cosmetics. Sunyong is making a difference!