USA Blueberries at ANUGA

ANUGA is the largest food exposition in the world. It runs every other year and held in Cologne, Germany. There are 13 halls all with two levels! USHBC has participated in ANUGA since 2000 and it is our opportunity connect with food professionals from throughout the world.

Wow! 170,000 visitors. According to the organizer, around 90 % are from outside of Germany!  USHBC made more than 250 great contacts and  we have been busy following up, answering questions and making connections.


Here is our booth! Kari, who is originally from Watsonville, California and lives in Cologne, has  helped us for the last ten ANUGAs. She is an expert at hunting down blueberry items at this huge exposition! Note the Vietnamese poster, which drew a lot of attention!

Here is a great example of blueberry product innovation from the United Kingdom Pavilion. The product includes a lot of blueberry in a sharp cheddar cheese!


Here is a new concept, dried fruit including blueberries with infused probiotics!  Attracted a lot of attention!


ANUGA is an excellent venue to tour the world food industry. I visited all of the six Russian pavilions!


What’s hot in Europe? Dried blueberries as snacks!  Love the mascots!


Despite a duty of more than 16%, sales of dried highbush blueberry exports to Europe continue to grow!  Note the statistics above are from the USDA ERS (Economic Research Service) Fruit and Treenuts Database which is available online.  ERS receives trade (import and export) data from the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau.