Vietnam American Thanksgiving Foodservice Promotion

Happy Thanksgiving from Vietnam!

The New World Hotel Saigon USA promotion is in full swing!   Our “Blueberry Hana” has been scootering around Ho Chi Minh City for weeks to prepare and the event looks to be a big success.   Blueberries in desserts are a hit as well as entrees.   Although this is a 5-Star Hotel –it is a gathering place for locals looking for the latest dining trends.

Dried and frozen blueberries are the emphasis.   Importers and distributors took notice and are urged to contact Vietnamese importers and suppliers of USA blueberries.   Customers are also craving fresh blueberries!

Thanks to the USDA Office of Agricultural Affairs – Ho Chi Minh City for organizing this and other events.  USHBC now is an active Cooperator in the Vietnam market and Blueberry Hana is on the move!


Action Photos:

Opening Ceremony: Our Hana is second from the left
Salute to the USA with American Blueberries and Vietnam produced Strawberries
Vietnamese love sweets!
Ice cream station with dried blueberries for topping
The Ribbon Cutting