“What’s Ap” with Raj Kapoor

This year I have spent a lot of time with our India/Middle East FoodTech Raj Kapoor. At trade shows, seminars, Indian dinners — he is continually on his mobile device typing away! The screen shot above is the “world of Raj Kapoor” where he is the center of the blueberry universe in India.   This is a continual stream of communications, contacts, questions and answers.


Here is the front line of Raj’s “blueberry legion.” They are all representatives of Indian companies who now regularly import, dried, frozen, liquid and other forms of blueberries to India. Raj hailed them to the Bakery Expo in Chennai where they worked the crowd and expanded their customer base. Each visitor to the USHBC booth was added to Raj’s What’s Ap list!


This year Raj had eleven partner companies at the Bakery Expo in Chennai. He is adding new blueberry companies daily and now moving into new regions.   Raj just keeps pecking away at his mobile device and USA blueberry usage continues to rise.


When we started work in India ten years ago, we had no contacts, no customers, no suppliers and little interest. We were told by prominent dried fruit and nut importers that dried blueberries were an impossible item in India. Raj’s contacts gave it a try, succeeded and disproved the skeptics. Look at the statistics taken from the USDA Economic Research Service (ERS) Fruit and Treenut Statistics published on the web. Wow–over $1 million in US blueberries were shipped to India in 2018. Already in 2019 there have been almost $1 million in USA dried blueberry imports into India and this includes date up to August 2019!

The lesson learned — a combination of social media, food science and hard work makes the market move!  If you are on What’s Ap, send a message to Raj!  He is waiting!

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