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March 2017

N. America

The name says it all!


Made with blueberry juice concentrate


Italy loves blueberries!.

Latin America

Blueberry Greek Yogurt, Brazil


Uncle Toby launches blueberries and ancient grains!

Welcome to the Food Industry section of our website.  Here is where ingredient users of blueberries can obtain the very latest information on blueberries, blueberry ingredients and usage ideas. 


Market Situation     Blueberry Ingredients     Formats Available     Blueberry Usage     Technical Brochure     QC

Market Situation:  In the past ten years, the blueberry industry has experienced extraordinary growth with per-capita consumption rising each year and a record numbers of new products entering the market each month! Consumers have become enlightened to the wonderful health benefits of blueberries and the past four years have seen the largest crops and record demand.  The good news is that the industry has kept pace with demand and now processed blueberries (frozen, liquid, dried etc.) are in plentiful supply.  The industry is committed to providing a steady and stable supply of blueberries now and for years to come.  So, it is a good time to listen to the demands of your consumers and formulate new blueberry containing products!  Supply + Demand = Opportunity! 

Blueberry Ingredients - About half of all blueberries produced go to the "fresh market" sector.  The remaining blueberries go to food processing. A few decades ago, highbush blueberries went mainly to the fresh market and pie fillings.  Today, blueberries are further processed into dried, liquid and other formats for food industry use.

Formats Available:Blueberries are available in a wide range of formats for the food industry.  The offerings are continually evolving to match the needs of specific food industry categories. 


USHBC Format Chart:   (download)

Blueberry Usage:  Blueberries are utilized in hundreds of food industry applications in North America and the world.  Since 2010, aroundthan 8,000 new blueberry containing products were introduced in the USA and Canada.  The number has continually risen in the past decade and we anticipate record numbers of new blueberry products in the future.


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Technical Brochure - (Coming soon)



Tom's Favorite -- a great name and lots of dried blueberry!

That equals -- Berry Bang Therory!





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2017 Situation Report

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